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Empowering your team and maximizing their potential is our core purpose. We specialize in galvanizing individuals and businesses by providing invigorating, inspirational public speaking sessions. We are elated to present our innovative service – Motivational Speaking Engagements with Rob Hawkes. This service is meticulously crafted to instill in you the confidence, vigor, and mindset essential to achieve your ambitions, relate with a range of audiences, and initiate positive transformation.


Motivational speaking, as delivered by Rob Hawkes, is more than just a conveyance of words—it’s a means to connect and captivate the audience. Rob amalgamates fervor with professionalism, creating memorable presentations that have lasting impacts. It’s not merely about speaking; it’s about leveraging words to effect transformative change.


Rob Hawkes takes the utmost care to research and tailor his speeches to correspond with your audience’s expectations, ensuring your message is relayed most effectively. We vouch for the potency of powerful discourse and modify our speeches to meet the distinct requirements of your event and your audience’s interests.


We persist in our commitment to ethical and impactful communication, providing advice on refining your speaking capabilities and fostering a mindset in sync with your message. Our groundbreaking initiatives not only focus on the words you utter but also on how you express them, blending communicative acuity with emotional intelligence.


Rob Hawkes doesn’t just deliver speeches; he delivers experiences that are transformative and awe-inspiring, guaranteeing your audience is sincerely engaged and leaves with enduring insights. We strive to transcend beyond mere words to establish profound connections with the listeners.


Our foundation is built on principles of integrity and ethical conduct. We comprehend that motivational speaking is about forming trustful relations, and we infuse every engagement with these values, ensuring authenticity and reliability in every word.

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Join us to redefine your motivational speaking engagements with an approach that is ethical, and people-centric. Let’s forge genuine relationships and craft a motivational speaking strategy that elevates your message while positively augmenting your personal and professional image.

By joining forces with Rob Hawkes, transform your motivational speeches into instruments for trust-building, relationship enhancement, and positive evolution. Adopt a methodology that respects and uplifts the audience, fortifies speakers, and emphasizes ethical values in every motivational engagement.

Transform your motivational speaking engagements with Rob Hawkes into a mechanism for trust-building, enriching interpersonal connections, and inciting positive metamorphosis.

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What clients say

"I have been fortunate enough to be trained by Rob for the last few years. The part of Rob that stands out the most for me is you can tell he actually cares about your growth and you as a person."
Peter Santwyk
National Infrastructure Manager, Allcott hire
"Thank you Rob, for all your hard work and positive energy."
Dr Glen Richards
Director & Investor, The Richards Group
"For more than 12 months, we had the pleasure of being recipients of sales training from Rob. We pride ourselves on what we achieved before we met, but our new abilities wouldn't have been reached without his guidance and mentoring."
Anthony Lentini
Director, Empower Solar
"Than you for all your guidance and wisdom during our time together 👍. Personal and company records smashed!"
Steve Jones
Sales Manager, Mercedez Benz, Gold Coast
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