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Rob Hawkes

Head Sales Coach


Our advanced sales workshop focuses on the advanced sales techniques for those who are already well versed in sales. Our program is different from other programs because it helps salespeople increase revenue by creating more authentic, relationship-driven customers through a more detailed exploration of the buyers’ mindsets and behaviors.

In addition, the small number of comparative sales training programs—often clichéd and built on outdated and irrelevant sales techniques—are not relevant to today’s consumers or even the market as a whole in the digital age.

Your trainer Rob, who has invested thousands into his personal development over the years into mastering the true art & science behind buying behaviours and communication.

If you believe that salespeople are pushy, money-hungry people who do not listen to their customers and who rarely take no for an answer, then you can appreciate why it is important that you and your team develop better strategies for interacting with clients.

Who is this for?

  • Business owners who want to take their sales skills to the next level
  • Sales people who want to be the #1 in their company and stay there.
  • Seasoned sales pro’s who need to up their game and learn something new.
  • Sales managers looking to train and motivate their team to perform at the highest levels at all times.

Content On The Course

Day 1

Have you ever spoken to someone and not understood what they do? Or perhaps you've cap raising and need to raise money by pitching to investors. We will explain a proven 5 step method to quickly and succinctly describe who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you help. As used on Shark Tank to secure 3 investors.

You can't sell a secret, so getting out into the world is a must, we will share tips on how to network effectively but also gain a strong referral network and partnership base, ensuring you're inbox is full with enquiries.

91% of our ability to influence and inspire is through our body language and tonality. We cover the basics of body language and the 7 main tones of voice including the #1 closing tone.

In sales we must inspire and educate our customers to make a decision, not manipulate or convince. There are tools that we can use to help educate and inspire,we cover the 6 main ways to do this including the best way to inspire through third party stories.

People buy people. But they also look at whether they need your service and ask themselves do they trust your business. We look at ways to build value across all three areas.

We give a brief overview on the four main personality types and how to communicate with each one effectively.

We help identify features of your service or product, the advantages and the outcomes your customers recieve.

There are three main mindsets we need to be effective sales people, we cover all three of these and how to change yours.
Abudance v Scarcity
Positive v Negative
Growth v Fixed

Learn how to build rapport and find common ground with anyone both in social and professional settings.

Further ways to ask deeper questions to gather more intelligence to help your prospects along.

People typically buy across a mix four main areas, Cost (how much it is), Outcomes (will it work) Security (Will you be there)  and Time. (when will I get results) we show you how to sell to each level and identify which your customer is thinking about. 

Day 2

The deal is done your prospect has agreed to proceed, but now they are asking about getting a discount. We run through how to effectively negotiate and create a win/win scenario.

The art of planting seeds through an interaction so that your prospects come to their own conclusions. 

Addressing the issues around how to position yourself, your offering and how to price it.

Stuck in the objection handle, we cover how to get out of the loop and into taking payments.

Ever dread making that call? Don't want to eat the frog? We will show you how to approach ANY conversation confidently even when you know the other person has a valid complaint to make.

Get nervous when speaking in front of people? Want to sell from the stage? We will share some tips to help remove those butterflies and give you the confidence to speak up!

The brain processes information far quicker through the use of story telling. We share our 7 steps to a perfect story.

Bring your call recordings and we will critique and give feedback. We will also get up and practice what we've learned together!

Bring your leads! For one hour we'll make calls together and make money during the session!


Businesses that trust us


What clients say

"I have been fortunate enough to be trained by Rob for the last few years. The part of Rob that stands out the most for me is you can tell he actually cares about your growth and you as a person."
Peter Santwyk
National Infrastructure Manager, Allcott hire
"Thank you Rob, for all your hard work and positive energy."
Dr Glen Richards
Director & Investor, The Richards Group
"For more than 12 months, we had the pleasure of being recipients of sales training from Rob. We pride ourselves on what we achieved before we met, but our new abilities wouldn't have been reached without his guidance and mentoring."
Anthony Lentini
Director, Empower Solar
"Than you for all your guidance and wisdom during our time together 👍. Personal and company records smashed!"
Steve Jones
Sales Manager, Mercedez Benz, Gold Coast
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